Sunday Morning Guidelines

As a Visitor to Divine Spark's Sunday Morning Meal & Voucher Program please observe the following guidelines to help us
continue to provide our services:

  1. Be respectful to volunteers, staff and each other.
  2. Please: No name calling or epithets (abusive terms) of any kind. Be positive and constructive with your language.
  3. All participants on Divine Spark Sunday's are responsible for their own behavior, not that of others.
  4. Harassment of anyone, for any reason is not acceptable.
  5. Address complaints, concerns, or suggestions in a friendly way to volunteers and staff.
  6. If asked to leave the Sunday Morning Divine Spark Service Area, you must leave whether you agree or not. If necessary, the Nevada City Police Department may be summoned.
  7. If asked to leave due to inappropriate behavior on two or more occasions, future Divine Spark services will be denied.

We encourage your suggestions and input so we may improve our Divine Spark service delivery.

IMPORTANT: Drugs (non-prescription), Alcohol, or Tobacco are NOT allowed during Divine Spark's Sunday Mornings.